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April 6, 2010 -- The Wall Street Journal -- "The Case for Common Educational Standards"
Craig Barrett, former CEO of Intel, writes, "common education standards are essential for producing the educated workforce America needs to remain globally competitive. Good standards alone are not enough, but without them decisions about such things as curricula, instructional materials and tests are haphazard. It is no wonder that educational quality varies so widely among states."

February 23, 2010 -- The New York Times -- "Where the Bar Ought to Be"
Bob Herbert writes how in Harlem, an educator is expecting the best, not the worst, from students at her charter schools.

February 19, 2010 --The Washington Post -- "Education Reform, One Classroom at a Time"
Melinda French Gates discusses how the Gates Foundation's new Measures of Effective Teaching project will help school districts nationwide make informed decisions about rewarding effective teachers and help teachers get better at their craft.

July 31, 2008The Wall Street Journal – “This Recess Is Really From Accountability”
Regarding Reg Weaver's July 24 letter responding to "Wrong Education Fix" (Review & Outlook, July 12): The Business Coalition for Student Achievement (BCSA) could not disagree more. The president of the National Educational Association claims that H.R. 6239, "The Recess for NCLB Until Reauthorization Act," introduced by Reps. Tim Walz and Sam Graves does not undermine education accountability.