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Sample Talking Points for Calls to Member Offices

Please ask to speak with the staffer listed on BCSA Target List chart.  If you do not reach the staffer, you may want to leave a call back message.  Another option is to share your views with the person who has answered the phone - for brevity's sake you may want to omit the list of priorities within NCLB reauthorization.

  • I am a constituent of the [Senator/Representative].
  • I'm calling to urge [Senator /Representative] to support the reauthorization and strengthening of the No Child Left Behind Act.   
  • I would like to see NCLB reauthorized this year, and I would like to see it have a stronger emphasis on accountability for improved student achievement as part of the reauthorization. 
  •  I am watching this issue because it is important to me as a local [business owner/business executive/parent] here in [city, state].  My business is [     ] and we hire [   ].  As a businessman/woman, I must have employees who have been equipped by our schools with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in our current marketplaces.  I am concerned that not all our schools are up to the challenge of educating our students. 
  •  I want to quickly share with you my priorities for the NCLB reauthorization.  I believe the Act must -
  • promote increased academic rigor that supports improved student readiness for the knowledge and skills demands of college and the workplace;
  • emphasize science, technology, engineering and math instruction for our students;
  • enhance data-driven decision making so that we have reliable information on how to help students improve their achievement. 
  • increase teacher and principal effectiveness by encouraging quality and providing the  tools to become effective;
  • strengthen and refine accountability that does not back away from the expectation that all our students achieve on grade level by 2014; and
  • invest in schools whose students need additional assistance to improve their achievement and encourage innovative efforts such as charter schools.  
  • Please share my concerns and views with the [Senator/Representative].
  • Can you share with me the [Senator's/Representative's] position on reauthorizing NCLB this year and strengthening the Act?