August 1, 2007



The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is strengthening public schools in the United States and helping to ensure that every single child receives a good education. NCLB is increasing accountability for raising student achievement. The results show that many students are setting records in reading and math scores. Below is the BCSA Fact of the Week demonstrating how standards-based education reform and NCLB are working.

Fact of the Week

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, nine-year olds made more progress in reading between 1999 and 2004 than in the previous 28 years combined. Reading and math scores for African-American and Hispanic students are at all-time highs.

Improving the performance of the K-12 education system in American public schools is necessary to provide a strong foundation for both U.S. competitiveness and for individuals to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy. These results prove the belief on which the law was founded: Every child can learn and succeed in school.

NCLB Success Stories

Since 2002, the NCLB has been working to help raise student achievement and strengthen accountability all across the country—from New Jersey to Illinois to California. Below are more snapshots of success stories that show how NCLB is helping to transform America’s public schools.  They demonstrate how high standards, accountability, professional development and excellent teaching are raising expectations for students and producing results for all students while also closing achievement gaps. 

Benjamin F. Yancy Elementary School
Meeting Adequate Yearly Progress Goals Provides Positive Momentum Moving Forward

Benjamin F. Yancy Elementary School, located in Esmont, Va., was struggling to meet the state’s adequate yearly progress (AYP) goals. To help raise achievement standards, the school implemented major changes in how it approaches teaching and learning. It revamped the schedule of the school day to give teachers more time to study student achievement data and work on improvements. It also developed Professional Learning Communities that emphasized a collaborative culture focused on sustained and substantive school improvement. The concept has invigorated teachers, support staff, and students, and has helped a powerful new school culture emerge. Yancy was then able to meet the state’s AYP goals, providing positive momentum moving forward and proving that every child can learn and succeed in school.

Hidalgo High School
Focusing on Staff Selection, Leadership, and Capacity Building to Enhance Achievement

Hidalgo High School, located in Hidalgo, Texas, is known as “a treasure on the border.” It actively hires teachers internationally and the recruitment process focuses on bringing in the best possible candidates who are willing to undertake both personal and professional growth opportunities. New teacher orientation is used as a boot camp to help familiarize new teachers with Hidalgo’s student population, state assessments, effective teaching practices, data analysis, and state and national mandates. A comprehensive “grow-your-own leadership model” includes a professional learning incentive feature, providing monetary rewards for teachers earning a master’s degree. Principals attend training sessions with their staff so they can become resources as well as have a better understanding of the practices and strategies being implemented across the district and/or school. District and school personnel conduct follow-up sessions and visits to cement the professional development experiences and to assist with implementation in each classroom. As a result, Hidalgo High School is higher performing than demographically similar schools in mathematics, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.

These are just a few of the schools that are achieving success using the resources and framework of the No Child Left Behind Act.  To learn more about these and other schools’ success stories, visit

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