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Voices from the Field  

With the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) up for reauthorization, parents, educators, experts and concerned citizens are speaking up in support of No Child Left Behind. Sixth in the series of voices from the field, this week’s quote highlights how NCLB accountability is helping Richmond schools work toward continuous achievement.

Deborah Jules Sherman
Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools

“NCLB enabled me to center the conversation about our work right where it needed to be—how we were going to re-work and re-evaluate our system to create a culture of continuous achievement and high expectations for all. We developed benchmarks to help drive all of our decisions. NCLB helped us chart our course and monitor our progress toward success. Our result: Richmond public schools are no longer the second lowest performing school district in Virginia.”

NCLB on the Road

SpellingsU.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and Deputy Education Secretary Ray Simon continue to tour the states, highlighting the education achievements of each. You can track their state-by-state tour by clicking here.

  • Michigan: Strengthening NCLB Accountability
    From the Detroit Economic Club, Secretary Spellings announced proposed new regulations to strengthen and clarify No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The proposed regulations focus on improved accountability and transparency, uniform and disaggregated graduation rates and improved parental notification for Supplemental Education Services and public school choice.

A Nation at Risk

Twenty five years after A Nation At Risk was first released, the assessment in newspapers across the nation resounded loud and clear: never were we more at risk than now.

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Latest News

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