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Education in the Election  

Wendy D. Puriefoy, CEO of the Public Education Network, authored an op-ed in USA Today calling on the presidential candidates to turn their attention toward one of the nation’s most pressing issues—educating our students. Below is an excerpt of her op-ed.

  • Missing in campaign '08: The education candidate
    Listen to the fevered rhetoric of the presidential candidates and you get the impression that the country is in a state of crisis. They have talked pointedly about the war in Iraq, the ailing economy and the need for health care reform. Taxes, immigration and the war on terror? All accounted for. Yet one issue that's key to our nation's security, prosperity and future has barely been discussed in the more than 30 hours of debates: education.

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NCLB on the Road

U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings continues to tour the states, highlighting the education achievements of each. You can track her travels by clicking here.

  • Oklahoma: Furthering gains made under No Child Left Behind
    Addressing a joint session of the Oklahoma House and Senate Education Committees in Oklahoma City, Okla., Secretary Spellings discussed how the Federal government can support and facilitate further academic gains that Oklahoma students have made under No Child Left Behind. Read more >>

Latest News

Former Bush economist, teachers urge more education spending
With Florida's schools facing more budget cuts, former Gov. Jeb Bush's top economic adviser joined Miami-Dade County's teachers union Thursday in urging that lawmakers spend more on education, not less.
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Schwarzenegger wants interventions for failing school districts
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended severe or moderate sanctions for nearly half the 97 California school districts that have persistently failed to make progress under the No Child Left Behind Act. “Students who have persistently lagged behind have suffered too long, and they need our help right now,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement issued before a scheduled news conference at a Sacramento school.
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High school dropouts cost billions in California
Each annual wave of dropouts costs the state $46.4 billion over their lifetimes because people without a high school diploma are the most likely to be unemployed, turn to crime, need state-funded medical care, get welfare and pay no taxes, according to the report.
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Widening education gap
A new study shows that going to college is important for improving economic stability and halting the growing divide between Americans who attain a college education and those who do not. The report, “Getting Ahead or Losing Ground: Mobility in America,” is the first in a series of studies on the economic mobility of Americans sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts, a nonprofit public policy research group.
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Michigan making progress on education reform
Michigan has made more progress on tightening its K-12 academic standards than most states, according to a national study by Achieve, Inc., a non-profit established by the nation's governors. The study found there still is a large gap nationwide between what schools expect students to learn by the time they graduate and the requirements of colleges and the work force.
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